Onion Remedies for Colds and Flu

1. The story about the use of onion as “hedge” against flu This story is probably derived from the Spanish and spread by word of the mouth. In 1919, the most severe influenza pandemic in human history happened. According to estimates, about 50-100 million people died. This pandemic is on the pair ...Read More

How to Save the Life of a Stroke Patient at once with a Needle?

Stroke is very dangerous disease. It makes the patient die from sudden death if other people don’t know how to give emergency aid timely. When there is person who suffers from stroke at home, in this emergency, the other people often get confused, panic and don’t know how to handle. Some patient ...Read More

How to Treat Cancer by Yourself? Spend one minute to read this article before it’s too late!

Most people suffered a complete mental collapse when they get cancer. But with proper diet, the disease can be relieved and they can achieve the marvelous results. First, let’s learn about the food of the cancer cells Sugar is a favorite food of the cancer cells. If patients do not use sugary ...Read More